Finding the right Storage Unit in Soldotna

When you are finding the right storage unit in Soldotna, there are many different sizes of self-storage units available.

You need to make sure that you select the right size for your personal situation. Make an inventory of the things that you plan to store in the storage unit as you may already have an idea of how big the unit should be. Be careful that you don’t just get a unit that fits all of your stuff inside…you need to consider renting a storage cubicle that you can fit yourself inside and have a little bit of work room.

Finding the right Storage Unit in SoldotnaIf you plan to visit your storage a few times a year and collect some of your belongings, then you will want to be able to get to your items without having to unload the entire lot first.

Many people rent the smallest possible unit they can get in order to save money, and then end up having to remove half of it to get to a box that’s in the back. Don’t be that person, unless you know you’ll never want to access that stuff again.

Once you have your unit, make a list of the items that you have stored in there, so that you can easily remember what is there later on down the track. Is it likely you will be adding items later on? If so, consider adding those to your list to be sure that your space will accommodate your items now and in the future.

Finding a storage unit can be an overwhelming task, especially if you aren’t familiar with all of the options and features available. How long do you need the storage unit for? At Homestead storage, we offer different types of discounts for long-term storage, and occasionally we may also have specials for temporary rentals.

Finding the right Storage Unit in SoldotnaWe are also more than happy to store larger items including cars, RV’s , campervans, boats, trucks and other motorized vehicles.


Here are 5 easy points to consider when deciding what type and size of storage unit you may be looking for…

  1. Make a detailed list of all the items you want to store
  2. Mark the items that you think you will need access to during the storage rental
  3. Measure and estimate the collective packing size of the items you plan to store
  4. Add a little extra space for ventilation
  5. Check on the unit sizes below to see what best fits your needs.


Finding the right Storage Unit in Soldotna -Types of Storage Units Sizes to Choose From at Homestead Storage

At Homestead storage, we understand that we are catering to different customer needs. As such, we have built our self-storage units in a variety of sizes and dimensions. The storage units range from large units to smaller units. All the storage units are fitted with roll up doors that allow easy access to the premises.

Each unit is kept in good condition and has ample lighting. The largest units measure 10ft x 19ft and 10ft x10ft.

These premises are perfect for long term storage purposes. They can also easily accommodate RVs and boats. Other larger units measure 8ftx24ft, 8ft x 19ft, 8ftx 14ft, 8ftx 12ft, and 8ftx 10ft. Our customers can also choose from a variety of the smaller units which measure 7ftx12ft, 7ftx10ft, 7ftx9ft, 7ftx8ft, and 7ftx7ft.

The Homestead self-storage facilities are not only spacious but also secure. Hence, our customers have a peace of mind while using or services.


Each of the types of storage unit sizes and the items they are used to traditionally store are featured below.

Medium Storage Units

8’x10′ Units

8’x10′ units can also store small amounts of furniture, sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, box spring and mattress, business supplies and records, plus other small items and boxes.

10’x10′ Units

10’x10′ storage units can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment with major appliances, furniture and boxed items and supplies.

Large Storage Units

8’x14′ Units

8’x14’’ storage units can hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or home, including appliances, boxes, furniture and boxed items and supplies.

10’x19′ Units

10’x20′ storage units can hold the contents of a three-bedroom apartment or home, including appliances, boxes, furniture and boxed items and supplies. These storage units are also ideal for commercial inventory and storage racks.


We also have a few other sizes available too.

So, if you are finding the right storage unit in Soldotna for you, then Give us a call (907-953-7447) and book your unit today


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