Want To Pack Like A Pro? Try These 9 Easy Tips

Packing can be tricky and tiresome, especially if you have so many items to pack. When you want to pack like a pro, you need to plan first. It’s easy to forget important stuff if you just jump into packing without planning. When packing for self-storage, the first step is to take an inventory of everything you need to store.

You can have a written down list of all the items you want to store, or you can just memorize them. Having this information will help you save time and energy. It will also help you ensure that you don’t forget anything valuable. An inventory of your items is also essential in deciding which storage facility you will require. If you have lots of items, you will need a big space, but if your items are few, you will need a smaller facility like Soldotna mini storage unit.


You will need to ensure that you pack your items in the right way before you store them. All valuables should be packed in a way that they will not be damaged. Below are some crucial tips to consider when packing for self-storage.


Ensure you have the right boxes


Choose the right boxes for storage depending on the items you have and their weight. Ensure that you put things like books which are heavy in small boxes, and stuff like blankets and bed sheets in big boxes. If you want to pack like a pro, boxes should not bulge out. Put them in a manner that they fit well in the boxes. Garbage bags can also be used for packing, but they are usually not the best because they don’t allow for ventilation.


Make sure that for each box you put the right amount


The idea is that your boxes should not bulge out. Arrange your items correctly so that your boxes don’t bulge out on the top or the sides. Also, consider the right amount of weight that you can easily lift without straining. This will ensure that your boxes do not tear during lifting. Ensure that you stuff the empty spaces on the sides of the boxes with light clothing. This will make sure that the items in the boxes are firmly held in the right position to ensure that they don’t move from side to side during transportation.



Choose hanging wardrobe boxes


For clothes that you don’t want to fold, hanging wardrobe boxes are ideal. They ensure that your shirts and suits don’t wrinkle during storage. These boxes will give you the flexibility of removing your clothes from the wardrobe and just hanging them in these boxes. You will not have to worry about ironing them again when you want to put them on.


Seal the boxes with quality tapepack like a pro


After packing, a quality tape will come in handy. You don’t want to leave your valuables open. Ensure that you seal your boxes with a quality tape. Seal from top to bottom. This will make sure that the items in the boxes are protected from any damage. A quality seal will also make it difficult for any unauthorized access.


All the boxes should now be labeled

pack like a pro

To save time and energy, when looking for items from the boxes, label your boxes. Suppose you have lots of boxes and you didn’t label them, you will have to look through all boxes to find what you are looking for! Labeling the boxes will help you find the item you want much faster than you think.


Pack like a pro tip: Clean your power tools and drain all the oil before storage


This will ensure that the oil does not leak and stain your other items. Ensure that you store your tools when clean and with no oil in them. It’s easy for your valuables to be tainted in the process of moving them to the storage unit if you don’t drain all the oil from your tools. Pack like a pro and keep the leakable items away from items that could be easily damaged from leaks.


All furniture should be wrapped


Furniture can easily be damaged during storage. Ensure that you cover them with protective material to protect them from being damaged. For furniture that can easily be dismantled, make sure you dismantle their parts and store them separately. This will also help in maximizing available space.



Ensure that your items are as small as possible


When your items are small, they will occupy less space. Try to pack your items in a way that all your valuables fit into very few boxes. This calls for excellent packing skills. Pack your things skillfully so that you don’t have excess boxes with items that could fit in few boxes. Put your things together with the kind of storage unit you plan to use in mind. This will help you know how to arrange your items.


Identify the right size of the storage unit that you will need


After packing all your stuff, you will need a storage unit that caters for your needs. You will require a unit that is safe, affordable, and one that is readily available. You need a facility that will be big enough to accommodate all your items. For RV storage and boat storage, you will require space that is large enough to accommodate these big items. Homestead storage facility in 35260 Kenai Spur HWY Soldotna, is an ideal unit for such storage needs.


If you Pack like a Pro, you will  save time and energy. It will also help you ensure that you don’t forget any item. You will need to pack your valuables in such a way that they will not be damaged. Valuables like glassware should be wrapped with old newspapers to ensure that they don’t break during movement to the storage facilities. At the storage facility, ensure that you arrange the boxes such that the heavy boxes are not put on the lighter ones. Also, ensure that you arrange your boxes in a way that makes them easily accessible. You will need to put the boxes that are frequently opened in front to help you save time.

Hopefully this article will help you pack like a pro when you visit your storage unit




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