11 Tips For Choosing The Ideal Storage Space In Alaska


Alaska has many facilities that offer storage unit service. Like in any other city, some factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a storage space in Alaska.

  1. Neighborhood

Homestead Storage SoldotnaWhen picking a storage facility, it is essential to consider its location. Like in the case when deciding on a house, the locality of a storage facility is necessary.

In this regard, security should be a top priority when picking a storage unit. Undoubtedly, goods stored in the storage facility are valuable.

Hence, one should ensure they select a storage facility that is in a safe and secure neighborhood. Before committing to a storage facility lease, it’s critical to find out about the security of the surrounding area.

Homestead Storage facility is located in a safe neighborhood at 35260 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna. Soldotna is considered one of the safest and secure places in Alaska.


  1. Customer- Oriented

Like in any other business, storage unit attendants should put the needs of their clients first. When choosing a storage unit in Alaska, one should look for a company that will attend to all their storage needs.

It is important for the staff to be helpful to new and existing customers. The staff should also be willing to assist the customers with packing accessories such as boxes and packing tape.

With an ideal Storage unit facility such as Homestead Storage, you will find experienced staff who will anticipate your needs and offer timely and efficient service.


  1. Location

When seeking a storage facility, it is vital to consider the duration one intends to utilize the facility. Some people may need to store their goods for a long time, while others may only need the space for a short period. In any case, a storage facility that is in close vicinity to your home would make access to your goods much easier.

Some people may keep items that they need to use regularly in a storage facility. Hence, a facility that is closer to their home would be more convenient. Homestead Storage offers ideal storage space for the locals of Soldotna and its surrounding areas.


  1. Security

A key factor in choosing a storage space is safety. Before renting the storage unit, one should conduct due diligence and find out the security measures put in place by the management.
First and foremost, the facility should be in an environment that the owner feels safe. Most people would like to have access to their goods at odd hours.

Therefore, having a storage unit in a safe and secure location is vital. Also, the security of each unit at the storage facility matters. An ideal storage unit should have a sturdy and reliable lock that is difficult to break into. Additionally, the storage unit should have ample lighting and fence that would discourage burglary.

Separate alarm systems for each storage unit would also be an effective security measure. Some storage facilities also offer video monitoring or surveillance systems for maximum security.


  1. Consider Accessibility Hours

Soldotna mini storageWhen choosing a storage unit, one needs to have the freedom to access their goods at any time. In this regard, it is important to find out the accessibility hours of the particular storage facility. Most storage facilities allow their customer’s 24-hour service. However, there are others that have limited time. One should, therefore, find out about the operational hours from the management to avoid future inconvenience. If someone is planning to store goods for an extended period, they might not need frequent access to the items. Other people may need to access to their items more often.


  1. Different Sizes

Storage units are used for storing various items of different sizes. An important factor to consider when choosing a Storage Space In Alaska is the size and dimension.

Your goal should be to select a unit that fits your items perfectly, whether household goods, RV, or boat. Alaska is a favorite holiday destination for many people.

Kenai river - Storage Space In AlaskaWhen on vacation, most people will fish at the legendary Kenai River. One should find out from the management the various sizes of storage units available.

Furthermore, the staff at the storage unit facility should be able to recommend a suitable size unit for your goods.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

Most items stored in a storage unit are sensitive and fragile. In places like Alaska, harsh weather conditions can adversely affect goods in storage.

As such, one should consider choosing a storage space that is climate controlled. Such units will maintain the stored goods in perfect condition as they remain warm in winter and cool in the summer.


  1. Access Policy

Homestead storage soldotna- Storage Space In AlaskaThe access policies vary with different storage units. Some businesses give their customers access codes, while security guards consistently man others.

In choosing a storage unit, it’s vital to consider the kind of access policy in place and determine how secure it is for you.


  1. Staff Accessibility

While using any service, it is reassuring to have helpful and available staff. The staff of any storage facility should be accessible around the clock to assist their customers.

In the case of an emergency, a client should be able to reach the management and get the required assistance. At Homestead Storage, the facilities are open seven days a week, and the staff is available on the phone, even after hours.


  1. Other People’s View

While seeking to rent out a Storage Space In Alaska, one should find out about the facility from other customers experiences. If you are renting out for the first time, it will not hurt to get the opinion and views of other people who have used the same service.

Alternatively, one can visit the company’s website and look at the reviews. Other people’s experiences and views will better inform one’s decision.


  1. Payment Methods

soldotna storageIn choosing a storage unit, one should consider the payment methods available. Some local storage units only have limited methods of payment that may not be convenient to all customers.

Therefore, it’s necessary to find out the payment method and plan that is most suitable for you.


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