Welcome to Homestead Mini Storage SoldotnaWelcome to Homestead Mini Storage in Soldotna where we cater for all of your Storage needs. Whether you are here for a short time or a lengthy stay, Homestead Mini Storage can accommodate all of your items, big and small.

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"Serving one customer at a time" is the way we like to do business as we provide our customers with the amenities and services they deserve. We pride ourselves in offering our well-serviced location managed by our wonderful team of professionals.

Our facilities are always available when needed, and are continually maintained for cleanliness and adequate lighting.

When you think about decluttering your house or office, look no further than our spacious self-storage units at Homestead Mini Storage. Situated in Soldotna, Alaska, our storage facilities offer an extensive line of self-storage units that cater to business, residential, recreational, RVs, and boat storage.

We provide convenient and affordable storage for your treasured items. At Homestead Mini Storage, we understand that every customer has different storage needs. To serve you better, we provide storage units of various sizes and dimensions. Our customers can view and select the storage unit that can serve them best. At Homestead Mini Storage, we cater to both short- time and long-time users. Our customers also get to enjoy excellent monthly discounts.


Homestead Storage is situated at 35260 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna, a small town on the intersection of Kenai Spur Highway and Sterling. The Kenai River, which is famous for fishing, runs through the town. Hence Soldotna town is quite famous for fish enthusiasts. The town is a haven for fish lovers as well as adventure seekers. Both locals and tourists flock the Kenai River, especially during the summers, to enjoy fishing experience. The town also offers various attraction for tourists such as the Soldotna Homestead Museum, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and hiking trails.


Thewelcome to homestead mini storage Kenai River is known to produce the largest King salmon in the world. In fact, the largest King salmon in the world weighing 97.2 pounds was caught at Kenai River in 1985. As the hub of Kenai Peninsula, Soldotna receives tourists from all over the globe. The small town is best known for its fishing expeditions at the legendary Kenai River. After enjoying the summer, most visitors and locals make use of our ample storage facilities for their household items, boats, and RVs.


Surrounding Towns

Alaska has many towns that are an ideal location for tourist and vacation destination. Anchorage is a city approximately 150 miles to Soldotna town. Anchorage is a populous city as it is home to nearly half of Alaska’s population. Most visitors who visit Alaska, land in Anchorage as it has the main international airport. Tourist and fun lovers are spoilt for choice in Anchorage; with amenities such as theaters, indoor water parks, and shopping malls.


Activities such as skiing, hiking, waterboarding, and fishing are also a favorite of many. Surrounding towns such as Birchwood, Wasilla, Eklutna, Palmar, and Gird-wood are also ideal vacation destinations. Alaska is an ideal destination for tourists who come to ski and fish. Most of the tourists are regulars who visit Soldotna and its neighboring towns annually. After their vacation, such tourists need a secure and safe place to store their fishing gear, boats and RVs. Homestead Storage is a one stop shop for all their storage needs.

Welcome to Homestead Mini Storage